Virgin Atlantic salt and pepper shakers based on the free set given to first-class passengers

Virgin Atlantic Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers were great fun to make. The body of the shakers were made with polycarves, which were big blocks turned on an adapted lathe. The poly was then sprayed with polyurea, then filled and sanded. I majored on the feet and fins. I did two or three part moulds for each piece, and all were cast in fibreglass, then filled with expanding foam. 

The formed were all put together using a timber frame I created, which gave us location points for the feet and fins, and kept everything in a squared location. The feet also had laser-cut lettering on the feet, which were stuck on with polyurethane foam. The casts were then sprayed with a high gloss glitter paint, then lacquered. These forms were very cute, and the client was very pleased with the outcome. 

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