Tiffany's Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree installation had a lot of various builds, and not a lot of time to do it all in! The whole process took three weeks. To start, I was charged with building the robot. The whole thing was made with 25mm celotex boards. We developed a cut list based upon some blueprints, and stuck them together via polyurethane wood glue. The eyes were made out of routered MDF, and we located them and cut the apetures. We then started the process of cladding the celotex with 1mm foamex. The foamex was cut with sharp blades and stuck to the celotex with double-sided tape. The head had a wooden structure inside, which supported two birdie lights behind the eyes. The arms were attached to scaffold towers, and the corrugated arms and knees were made from scored foamex sheet. I majored on the construction of the robot.

The internals of the robot housed a large amount of mechanics, which were there to turn the head of the robot back-and-forth. The request to have the arm move up-and-down was ultimately discarded. The top of the Christmas tree had the artist model figurine, which was a polycarve sprayed with bi-resin, then chrome-dipped. The figure was attached to the tree via scaffolding attaching at the knee and the top of the hand.

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