Over a thousand tennis balls went into making this chair for American Express to display at Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Tennis Ball Chair

This chair was most made from 18mm plywood. It was all CNC cut and put together via glue-and-screw. The panels also had small holes in them, spaced apart in tennis ball-sized increments. These holes allowed us to glue the balls onto the plywood in the correct positions. The Plywood was all pre-flocked with bright yellow hairs, to make sure it blended with the finish of a tennis ball. Finally, the arm rests and main body of the seat were covered in 10mm clear polycarbonate sheet to protect the balls. 

The chair was finished off with some tennis racket decals, which were layers of coloured acrylic chemically bonded together with chloroform. 

The chair was installed at the beginning of the ticket line for Wimbledon tennis tournament, and was an ‘instagram-able’ marketing campaign for American Express. 

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