Two character models and a replica spaceship from the bafflingly popular Rick & Morty

Rick & Morty

The Rick & Morty figures were a fun project. The heads were sculpted in clay, and I did silicone towel moulds for both heads. Each mould was a two-piece, front and back. From there, it was a case of casting them in two layers of 225g/m fibreglass matting, and then spending the time to sand and fill the heads.

The bodies were polysculpts, which were then retrofitted with steel, so that they could stand in place properly. The poly was then sprayed with bi-resin using a rented machine. The bi-resin proved to be a difficult material, as sanding the top surface would reveal a lot of small air pockets. It means that we spent more time on filling and sanding the bodies of these sculpts than we would have liked. The seats and external pieces of the ship were also poly covered in bi-resin. 

The ship consisted of eight fibreglass panels, which were pulled from a fibreglass mould we made from a clay former. The rest of the ship consisted of a lot of bendy ply, MDF and various pieces of hose. The floor panels were to provide a ‘just crashed’ look, as was the ripple in the bodywork, which was achieved with a polysculpt that was fibreglassed onto the front panels. This whole job was only supposed to be displayed once, but it has actually done four different exhibitions, as the clients are very pleased with the results. 

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