An advertising installation at various coastal locations to promote Disney's new movie

Pirates of the Carribbean

Another excellent piece of fun as a job, this one. The figures were constructed via box steel, and fleshed our wherever needed with polyurethane foam, which was sealed with GPR resin. For the clothing, we made some military style tunics and shirts, as well as some breeches. We then proceeded to shred and damage these in a suitably grim manner, and then added multiple scraps and shards of extra material. To get the fabric to stay in place, we hung the figures in various positions and sprayed the entire figure with polyester resin. This would keep the figures in place, as well as make them waterproof. The act of making these clothes was therefore a constant case of adding new pieces, repositioning the figure and spraying fresh resin our of a gravity-fed hopper gun. 

​The heads were made out of polyurethane rubber, pulled out of alginate moulds of our co-workers heads! We then added wigs, swords and hats. After artworking, they were taken to local coastal areas during high tide, and as low tide would come in the figures would slowly reveal themselves to the public.

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