Mickey Mouse

This Mickey Mouse figure was a very enjoyable job, despite some rather tight deadlines!#

The original Mickey sculpt was made entirely out of clay, with only the tail being left off the master sculpt. We then applied two drip coats the the entire sculpt, followed by two thixotropic layers. Finally, we added plenty of silicone keys.

After the layers were applied, we used a piping bag to lay up silicone where we wanted to have our mould walls. Once that silicone had gone off, we scored silicone in the piped lines, applied our brass shim, and then used two layers of 225g/m to make our fibreglass jacket. As a precaution throughout the process, we did all the work in a temperature-controlled room, because we wanted consistent silicone curing times

Once the fibreglass jacket was drilled and prepped, we cut the silicone open along the pre-existing score lines. From there, we applied our gel coats, chop strand and talc resin, followed by the two layers of fibreglass matting. The two halves were closed together with a fibreglass putty. 

Clean up and finishing on the cast had to be to a high standard, and very quick due to time constraints. We sent the cast away with a primer coat, as our clients wished to artwork it themselves. It was a fun job to work on and one that I personally enjoy because of the moulding and casting elements. 

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