A pop-up studio experience to promote a new VR game at an event in central london

Doctor Who Experience

This project was a rollercoaster. For the Tardis itself, I did the graphics above the door, and on the doors itself. I also did all the vinyling on the windows of the shop front. Unseen in these pictures are two sets of room-dividing flats, which were in a honeycomb shape. Those flats were all individually wrapped in vinyl, and then deconstructed at our studio, then refitted on site.

Due to difficulty with printers and fitting the flats, we had to work through the day to finish the job, and arrived in London at midnight to work. We finished the installation at 8.30am, and drove back to the studio in Hove, having missed our chance to check into our hotel. Therefore, I had just completed a 27 hour shift to get this job over the line. Therefore, I feel like I can say that I am not afraid of hard work!

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