Destroy All Humans

A second part of our Gamescon job for THQ Nordic in 2019 was to build an alien (Crypto) and his spaceship, to help promote the new video game Destroy All Humans. The spaceship was something I didn’t get to touch too much, other than to apply vinyls, do some weathering paint effects, and the actually installation in Germany. The whole ship was MDF pieces, all cut by CNC. They were built to be supported by a 60mm box steel frame, which game the ship the pitched nose. 

The huge sign was made out of aluminium box, with the sides being a canvas print, within which numerous fairy lights added a star cloth effect. The whole thing was flown from the rafters above a diner, which housed computers where punters could play the game.  

Crypto himself was a lot of fun. The clay sculpt was made in such a way that we could remove his head, which would be vital. We needed both pieces to be made separately, so we could apply black vacforms for his eyes, and get all relevant electronics fitted. The wires would run down the steel support arms, and were separated by 12v DC connectors. The head and body were made with silicone moulds and fibreglass jackets. Because of the highly detailed hexagon impront on his suit, we had to be very careful and accurate when joining the two halves together, as we couldn’t afford to fill and sand large areas. Therefore, we used fastcast plugs in the jacket mould , which helps locate the silicone perfectly. The gun was a CNC high density poly sculpt, which was box moulded in two halves, and joined together with a fibreglass putty

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