THQ Nordic game Darksiders. Installed at Gamescon, Germany 2018 & 2019


This is undoubtably one of my favourite jobs I have worked on. Working through the aspects of the job individually, the first character is Vulgrim. We sculpted the figure from the waist up in clay, then divided the sculpt with brass shim. The horns, wings, crown spikes and hands were removed, and moulded invividually. Because of the spiky nature of the wings, I moulded them in a classic silicone/ fibreglass jackt style, so we could peel the silicone away like a sock. The rest of the figure was done using silicone-towel methods we had used previously on the Bugs moulds. Once all the pieces were cast, we retrofit some box steel armature pieces, and fibreglass podged the pieces together. Once the body was fitted we created an aluminium ‘cage’ which we riveted to the body. This is what we hung all the skirts and armour panels to. We also used the central stand to house all the smoke machines and electronics

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