An indoor crazy golf experience that is rented to offices and parties

Crazy Golf

The indoor Crazy Golf was a carpentry-heavy job that also incorporated a lot of research and development. The courses were designed by the client, in collaboration with Plunge’s team. The course consisted on nine holes, with each hole having a large flat ply base with purple carpet as the playing surface. Each hole would have some elaborate mechanisms or traps. These mechanisms proved difficult (and fun) to master, with a lot of troubleshooting to make sure that golf balls couldn’t get lost or trapped in the games. 

Whilst I did do some of the carpentry and filling, a lot of my involvement in the job was the designing and application of the graphics and branding, which was an interesting part of the project, and one that I was given a decent amount of authority over. I made an effort to follow the original designs as closely as possible, and client feedback was essential. All branding was done through vinyl application, which I developed in Sign Lab and cut with a vinyl plotter. 

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