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Big Hand

This giant hand was for an independent client, who wanted to display it in their garden. The polysculpted fingers were sprayed with bi-resin, then painted, weathered and installed via spirafix. 

My main role in this project was spraying the polycarved fingers with bi-resin, which is a type of fastcast which can be sprayed through pressurised hoppers and mixed in a nozzle. The machine is a rented prototype and can be highly temperamental, which meant a lot of my time was dedicated to cleaning and maintaining the machine itself. The application of the resin is relatively simple, as it cures very quickly and leaves a sandable surface. However, in this instance, the slightly mottled surface was preferred, as it created a classic bronze texture. 

The finishing of the hands was relatively straightforward. A black primer coat followed by layers of coppers, golds and dirty washes, as well as the Verdigris that occurs when bronze gets weather-beaten.  The whole sculpture was sprayed in many layers of two-pack lacquer, so it will survive the elements.


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