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Aladdin's Lamp

A giant genie lamp to commemorate the premiere of the new Aladdin movie in Leicester Square. The lamp also produced smoke out of the spout, and had hidden microphones in the sides, which allowed Will Smith to communicate with the public. The rocks and scenic flats were also produced by Plunge Creations.

The rocks used for the base of Aladdin’s Lamp were a polycarve. Six sections would tesselate together to form the stand. The rocks were rough carved using a hot wire cutter to gouge out trenches, and classic polycarving techniques of sharp blades, wire brushes hard nail brushes were used to shape the rocks. Afterwards, all rocks were covered with three layers of jesmonite with thixotropic additive and pigment.

The polycarve lamp was a CNC product that was sprayed with jesmonite out of a resin hopper gun. With the thinness required to get the jesmonite through a spray gun it meant that it required multiple applications, followed by a sanding and a light brush-on application with a non-polymer jesmonite, which was more easily sandable.

The finish of the lamp was classic prop painting. Layers of water based paints, antique golds and dirty washes. The decals were individually gold leafed upon client request.

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